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Standard Terms

BeyondOffice Holdings Standard Terms

Liability of Beyondoffice Holdings llc

Owner hereby agrees to hold Tracy Rainey Manager/Agent harmless from all claims and to defend Beyondoffice Holdings LLC DBA Tracy L. Rainey against any and all claims, debts, demands, and lawsuits. Owner agrees to pay Manager/Agent attorney fees related to Beyondoffice Holdings LLC management of the herein described property and any liability for injury on or about the property which may be suffered by any employee, vendor, and tenant/owner/guest upon the property. Owner agrees to maintain additionally named insured. Owner shall provide a copy of such insurance policy to Beyondoffice Holdings llc records.

“Owner” shall indemnify, defend and hold “Beyondoffice Holdings llc and Tracy Rainey, Managing Agent” harmless from and against any and all claims, demands, suits, damages, liability, losses, or expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of any misrepresentation, nondisclosure, concealment nonperformance of any lease agreement, or payment of any fees by Owner in connection with the rental of the property, including without limitation, the inaccuracy or incompleteness of any information provided by Owner for listing on the MLS or any other real estate marketing services. The owner is solely responsible for any complaints made by a tenant/tenants or prospective tenant before or after possession of the property with respect to any defects in the property.

Residential Property Management Service Denver

Homeowner Pre-Renting

Here are some important Dos and Dont’s when renting out space: Do understand your rights and obligations. You should talk to a Certified approved housing counselor or Asst Manager to understand everything that will be required of you as an Owner/landlord, and how to protect yourself if the rental relationship goes bad.

Requires that the property have these service completed before they list the property.

Professional Cleaning

Professional Paint Interior

Make sure the property has a clean landscape.

Service Heating and Air Conditioning.

Homeowner Pre-Renting

This relationship may include but is not limited to: 1) preparing and or reviewing legal documents; 2) negotiating settlements; 3) filing suits, actions, or charges with any administrative, judicial, or other legal agencies, 4) conducting legal research; 5) explaining options and the legal ramifications of options available to you; and 6) providing any other management/legal counsel that is requested by Client.

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